Drinkin’ Bros Podcast

Episode 496 - The Terrorist Whisperer

October 27, 2019

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway sit down with author/filmmaker Hamody Jasim of "The Terrorist Whisperer" for one of the most intense interviews in Drinkin' Bros history. Hamody is an Iraqi born native who grew up under the devastating oppression of Saddam Hussein's Regime, ripped off the streets and beaten every day in Saddam’s prison at age 12, to eventually grow up to become one of the most lethal spies in Iraq at age 17. He saved many Americans lives by eliminating high-level Al-Qaeda and Islamic State operatives. Hamody seized the opportunity to help create a new Iraq and go after the terrorists who long plagued his home country and the rest of the world. This is a can't miss episode.

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