Episode 195 - Fish Window Cleaning

August 31, 2017

Jarred Taylor and Evan Hafer are joined by special guest Bert Kuntz for a late night drinking sesh that was a miracle it was even recorded. Evan goes off on an epic rant about a floor guy.


Episode 194 - First Responders

August 30, 2017

Ross calls first responders and asks them what their craziest call was. It's a crossover bonus show from Ross Patterson Revolution for the week.  It was too crazy not to repost. Wow.


Episode 193 - #Seadoolife

August 28, 2017

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, and Jarred Taylor discuss the heart of MacGregor and JT's new life now that he has a jet ski.


Episode 192 - Who Ya Got???

August 24, 2017

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Rocco are joined by special guests to break down the MacGregor vs Mayweather fight, and also who would be the best super fight of all time.  This is also Rocco's last episode, and we already miss him. We love you Rocco!!!


Episode 191 - Conspiracy Theories

August 21, 2017

In this special edition of Drinkin' Bros Podcast, we call members of the Drinkin' Bros Conspiracy Theories group and ask them what their favorite conspiracy theory is and why.


Episode 190 - We Needed More Dye

August 17, 2017

Mat Best and Jarred Taylor host a special crossover edition with Blackhearted Podcast and bring back the legendary Captain Dale Dye again with all new stories.  He is the greatest.


Episode 189 - I’ll Take A Handy

August 13, 2017

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, and Jarred Taylor are joined by Bert Kuntz as they discuss the art of the handjob, why everyone turned down Gloryhole Roulette, and Jarred's preferred method of being pegged. 


Episode 188 - I Don’t Trust A Gloryhole

August 10, 2017

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Evan Hafer are joined by special guests Bert Kuntz and "Party Benny" to discuss having a Russian Roulette Man Or Woman Gloryhole for Episode #200.  EPISODE DISCLAIMER - JARRED HAS NO IDEA WE HAVE ALTERED HIS VOICE FOR THIS BROADCAST. Drink every time Mat makes fun of JT's headset. Cheers! 


Episode 187 - Answer The Question!

August 6, 2017

Ross is leaked a secret questionnaire from a high level job "interview" that requires you to answer 100 personal questions about your life in under an hour.  Answer along at home, then compare and ask yourself if you would have gotten the job. 


Episode 186 - Ain’t A Lady, Unless She’s 280

August 3, 2017

Ross Patterson and Mat Best are joined by special guests Josh Tyler, "Hot Logan" from BRCC, and Kit Cope as they discuss what motivates them in life, sex robots, and also the joys of anal sex. So, it's another high-brow show! Jesus.